Ramblings 3 ( More Wicca stuff, don’t like don’t read)

This will be the last ramblings post. Form now on each topic will appear as its own post, it will be short, but that is okay with me.


Sometimes I wonder about old stories, particularly those of the more fantastical side and wonder what truths lie buried in them. Take ninjas for example. Not a whole lot is known abut the for sure, there are rumors, and stories, but most of the myths are exaggerations and lies they probably spread themselves or come form what amounts to at the time dime store romance novels. Now out of all of those there are probably some kernels of truth in there somewhere, and I don’t think all of them are mundane ones.

For instance tales say they can go invisible, now that is not possible, yet, but there are spell that will make you pretty hard to notice, which is to say, invisible, with nocturnal magic and an invisibility spell maybe they could pretty much be as a shadow and be invisible. Techniques such as divination magic, glamor magic, and actual manipulation of the chakras for certain things might make them less living shadows but perhaps proficient nocturnal witches.

Makes me wonder how many other fantastical tales have a bit more truth then they seem once you understand magic.


Initiation, you hear a lot about it, you sometimes hear you have to be initiated, and that further you have to be initiated by another witch.

This is simply not true, for if it takes a witch to make a witch, who made the first hmmm?

And, if you say it was the goddess and god that inspired a self initiation ( Self dedication) then why can it not work for you?

The answer is that it can.

But be you initiated or do a self dedication it is important to do so in Wicca.


Because the path, the life you had before is over, and your new one is awaiting you.

An initiation or self dedication is a piece of ritual magic that formalizes, both to the goddess and god, but also in your own mind.

It is a clear cutting point between your former life and your new one, as clear as any other life milestone.

Now maybe in the long run of things it doesn’t seem like a big deal, and perhaps it isn’t, but it does still matter, as I have said before Wicca is a religion, and it has its rites same as any other one, and an initiation or self dedication is one of them.


Something I see a lot with Wiccans and witches is anti-Christian sentiment.

And this should not be, the most common arguments for are the witch trials and the people who tell you you are going to hell since you are a witch. And it is STUPID.

Blaming a group of people for crap that happened hundreds of years ago is just as bad as black people hating whites because of slavery. The actual people involved are long dead their deeds are long done, that part of the past is not worth keeping alive to a degree that it taints our present. And as for the people ine the present that make you miserable with their comments, yes, they are A-holes I will give you that, but it is not right to condemn a whole group of people and their religion for the action of a few people, and if you do you are doing the SAME thing they are. The fact of the matter is the Christianity is not that bad of a religion, it implores a person to be a kind, generous, and understanding person who places faith in their god and strives to make the world a better place. Now I will admit that some of their practices are archaic, but then again so are ours, even more so since it was all based on more ancient stuff then theirs, so glass houses and stones and stuff. Thus I would have you, hate the person and condemn them and their actions if you must, but try to remember that the religion its self is one of good and meals well.


I think in this day and age even though public perception of witches and Wiccans are beginning to change it is not quite there yet.

And the only way to help it get there is to be a good example to to to others of being one. The easiest way to do this is to make your self available to people whom yu can trust that you are a witch and can help them if they will let you, as well as doing public good works on a local level as a person, now I am not saying out your self as a witch, that is asking for trouble in most cases I find, but I am saying if asked do not deny it and not lie about it.

If you can do this help only a few people and leave a good impression of your self and your faith and practice, and everyone else does the same then in time public perception will change for the better.

Do not ever doubt that Wiccans and witches are still at war with people, especially of other faiths, but this is not a war of violence, this is a war of hearts and minds, and this is a war that we must win, for we have seen what can happen to us if we do not.

So be a good soldier of your faith and your deity and make them both look good as you go throughout your day and life.


Something that occurs to me today we Wiccans, have no religious tales.

Don’t get me wrong, each deity had their own collection of tales and myths about them, but Wiccans, not so much, at least not any that I have encountered.

And I think we need some, just about every other religion has them, and while we do not force our children into our faith as other religions do perhaps we should still have stories designed to illustrate points and teach lessons.

Considering that teens, children, and new people sometimes have a hard time understanding some concepts a set of stories doesn’t seem like such a bad thing to me.

As I learned form a Dalish Elf in Dragon Age Awakening, stories are not just about the stories, not just about teaching, they are part of a past, a culture, and something that generations can connect to, with, and probably most importantly, through.


Something occurs to me today.

How many people REALLY think about the cycle of the year and what it means and takes to have one? For the most part as far as I know most simple see on which of like the three typical days they actually fall on and that is about it as far as charting it goes.

And that is all well and good here on Earth, but the Earth will not last forever. And magic and as well as nature doesn’t stop on Earth. IN space and indeed other plants there are cycles, elements and indeed nature, they are different form what we know here but they are there. And sometimes I worry that when there are in fact spaces Wiccans and witches they might get too use to the same dates and Earth’s cycles to actually chart new ones for the planets they visit and just have a standard one for being in space. Because the Sabbats and the Esabbats are not just about the god ans goddess, they about the passage of time and the making of the cycles of nature, and since the gods and goddess that are worshiped relate to it they are included and tied to it as they should be. But on a different planet, with different cycles for things the times the gods and goddesses hold power and sway would of course be different.

It is something to think about and remember, for if it is not thought about now, it may be too late later, too much of our knowledge was lost had had to be reconstructed, let is not let it happen again due to our laziness.


Necromancy, you hear that word every so often, mostly in a negative way.

And may surprise you to learn the it simply means death magic (dead body divination specificity).

That means pretty much any time you do a ritual to cleanse a ghost, use an Ouija board, or do a spell to help a ghost move one, you are doing necromancy. Out of all magic none os so looked down upon then necromancy, but it should not be so, it is not an evil art no more so then any other magic that I used. One will hear tales of people bring back the dead, and using souls for stuff and being corrupted by using it. Well you CAN bring back the dead, IF they have no reincarnated already, BUT it would only be in spirit form, and they have to WANT to come back to you and it is not going to last all that long. But hey if you want the ghost of your dead granny hanging around go ahead. Also you should also be aware that depending on how you go about it it may be an unethical spell (the so called “black magic”). As for using souls to fuel spells, well my research indicates such a thing MAY be possible, and depending on how it is done MAY be ethical, and mutually beneficial to both you and the soul. As for the being corrupted by it, well if you mess with it and do not know what you are doing, yeah, you could very well end up possessed, which most would consider corrupted if they did not know what was really going on. So in closing Necromancy is just like any other kind of magic, but it is NOT for beginners because it is harder, and the consciences for messing up are often much worse then other kinds of magic, and finally it is harder to find anything creditable about it. I mean, there are still people out there that think the Necronomican is a REAL book, it is not, it is a fictional one that was written about by H.P. Lovecraft. Whether someone has written a book and called it that I can not say, but the one everyone always thinks about is fiction.


Male witches and magic. Honestly I have never given it much thought because I am in fact male and a witch myself. Yet I hear of witches who are male being discriminated against and told they are not really witches because they are male. And all I have to say is “Really?” I mean first off, in Wicca we believe in a goddess and a god, male and female as equals and essential and it is reflected in nature as well. To deny a person being a witch simply because they happen to have a Y chromosome denies the god as well if you ask me, because, and it may piss off the fem-nazis but I don’t care, if a woman is a goddess, and represents her on earth, then a male is a god and represents him. One can not be true without the other. A body’s gender is only a representation of which influence was instrumental in the shaping of their physical self. And what influences they might bring into their life and magic. But even a male has female energies and influences in him, if he didn’t he would not be a complete person, not a very good witch I suspect, because in magic and life we strive for balance and harmony with nature and the world, and how can we bring that influence into the world if we do not posses the balance in our selves? And more over, with all the forces we have to contend with, people who discriminate against us, spells running amok, to name a few, do we REALLY need to discriminate against our own, especially on something as unimportant as gender?


Alters, A lot of new witches are VERY concerned on how to set them up. They do not know how and are afraid they will do it wrong. And I can understand that as if you were building something to honor the goddess and god you would certainly want to do it right because it is for them and because you do not want to run the risk of offending them. The thing about it is that there is really no right or wrong way to set it up. An alter is your personal shrine to the goddess and god, or if you wish to the one’s of your choice. It can be pretty much what ever you want it to be, so long as it makes sense to you, and honors them then it is right. It is YOUR shrine to them after all. Some have candles, tools, shells rocks, statues, and symbols, but what they all have in common is that their alter is their personal place where they honor the goddess and god in what way feels right to them. In the end I firmly believe that if you keep set up your alter to honor the goddess and god in the best way you can then they will not mind. Though, on that, it might be wise to look up what deity you are setting up the alter for if you have a specific one as they may have specific likes and dislikes that you may need to be aware of. But other then that do as you will as long as you honor them, let your alter be a gateway for them to enter your home and life.


Wisdom, that word get thrown around a lot, and not always correctly, for in short it means the right use of knowledge. To me it will always hold a secondary meaning that I picked up from D&D ( Dungeons and Dragons) which is to say what it stat is about. The Wisdom Stat is about being about noticing things in the world around you. Something I tend to do and believe firmly that more Wiccans should do is to observe and learn from the world around them. I see wisdom in unexpected places and learn lessons in ways that are somewhat abstract I find for most people. I can learn wisdom from places people would not think to look for it. And sadly if people are not looking for wisdom, they tend not to see it when it pops up. I have seen this again and again in people, and I find it more sad in Pagans, particularly in Wiccans, our is a nature based religion and as such we should observe the world around us and learn from it whenever we can. I urge everyone reading this to keep their eyes and ears open at all times, for you never know when words of wisdom will come your way. In the words of children, characters in books, T. V. and video games, and even in other religions. Observe, and learn from the world around you, one of the ideals of our religion.

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Moral code

I look around at people now days and I see something common.

A lot of people who do not follow a religion lack a moral code, I am not saying they lack morals, I am saying they lack a code they can follow that may help guide them.


So I have decided to come up with a set.

Now I am not going to presume to say that this is the best code ever, and that everyone should follow it, I am saying I have thought up a moral code one could adopt if they wanted and that I am putting here in a blog for people to read about.


# 1 Help who you can, how you can, when you can.

# 2 Strive to do no harm.

# 3 Help your self before seeking to help others.

# 4 Seek to create balance, both within and without.


Short and simple.


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Ramblings 2 ( more Wicaa stuff, don’t like don’t read)

Something I think that every Wiccan, particularly if you are a solitary should be aware of is that you are a clergy member, a priest or priestess in our religion.

Now some covens will not allow just anyone to preform certain rites but that is their own thing, that I know little about and don’t care to, my point being that regardless of what anyone says you are a clergy person.

Clergy is just someone who is able to understand their religion, and deal with their religion’s deities and preform religious rites. And I hate to break it to you but ANY time you cast a circle for what ever spell you want to do, you are preforming a religious rite, particularly if you call upon the goddess and god at any time during such. Now this probably doesn’t give you any legal standing, but when it comes to spiritual ones you do indeed have authority, not to be a preachy and judgmental. But to help and guide whether through advice, wisdom, prayer or a spell. This is also part of the responsibility of being a Wiccan, particularly so if you are a witch as well. For as such you are the hand of your deities on the physical plane because it is through you that the most change can and will be affected and through you and your action will they be judged.


Try to be worthy of them.



Sometimes I see witches who seem lost without their books and their lists of associations.

This is sad to see, for magic can not be leaned form books alone, if you do not practice what you read, if you do not learn to be in tune with the world around you and to just let magic flow through you and make up the spell as you go, then you will forever remain bound to those books as helpless as any newbie despite your years or experience and practice. Magic is not removed form nature and the world it is part of it, thus by relying on those books for everything one tends to lose touch with the world around them. You should not need a list to know what stone is associated with what, you should be able to pick up a stone and figure it out yourself eventually, the first witches did not have these lists, they made them by being in touch with the world around them. I am not saying that lists and books are bad, far from it they are a valuable source of information at one’s finger tips, what I AM saying however is do not get so wrapped up in those books that you lose touch with the world around you, for it is form that and not those books that magic flows.




Faith means nothing unless tested. After all if you are not tested how to do you know you have true faith?

If you are served nothing but vegetables all your life, does that make you a veterinarian, or simply one person who has eaten noting but vegetables thus far. For it is the choice that would make you vegetarian when offered meat not simply eating vegetables because you have to.


And it is the same way when it comes to faith.

If you do not have times of stress when it is hard to believe, if you do nto have times that makes yu question, then you are not truly faithful.

Thus, relish the tests, and ask your deities to strengthen your faith, just remember that if the do they will probably send you trials of faith to do so.


I see a lot of times be say that one should ground and draw the energy for spells from the earth, and that you should use elemental energy by drawing it form various sources for one’s spells. And this is all well and good, but let me ask you this, have you ever heard of anyone giving energy BACK to the earth, to the elements? I know I have not heard of it and it makes me wonder, why? I mean yes it is given freely but it one always takes and never gives does that not make one akin to a parasite to a freeloader on the earth or the elements in general? Perhaps it is time to think about this and how one can repay the elements and the earth for the energy they give for our spells. I know I for one do not like the thought of being an energy leech.




“Nothing is true, everything is permitted.”

You hear phrase a great deal with the rise in popularity of the Assassin’s Creed series of video games. What it may shock you to learn that it is an actual saying before that series and is rumored to be the dying words of Hassan-i Sabbah, the actual grandmaster of the REAL assassins. This man was an assassin and a philosopher.

And to me these words carry meaning, not ones granting freedom to do whatever you wish with no consequence, but ones that empower one to do what they must, to be free of restriction, but to be guided on how they are applied with a sens of wisdom, understanding and personal responsibility.

This is an important concept for me as a grey witch and as a Wiccan, for it allows me to do what I must do when I must so long as I accept the consequences of my actions, both magically and mundanely.

With such empowerment comes a burden though, not only of personal responsibility, but of having no one to turn to have the answers for problems and ethical quandaries. It is easy to believe and do as instructed by one that you perceive as wiser then you and have faith in them to know what is right, it is quite another to be alone and have no other then to depends on then your own moral being and instinct. It scares some people, and that is why the cling to rules for guidance even if they know them to not be right sometimes. I do not claim this way of thinking is for everyone, but I do urge everyone reading to stop and take a few moments and consider these words and the weight they bear for themselves.




Something I find somewhat irritating is sometimes people are under the impression that Wicca is a catch all religion. That it can be anything you wan to to be and you can pretty much do as you please.

This is NOT true.

Now I will admit, Wicca grants one a lot of freedom, in the way you do things and what deities you worship and in what way.

But one can not simply declare one’s self Wiccan and this be the case, there ARE a few things that one must do to be Wiccan, and if you do not do them you are NOT Wiccan. A pagan? Probably. A Witch? Certainly. But NOT Wiccan.

These things are you must celebrate or at least observe the sabbats, this could mean merely realizing what day it is and taking a second to consider what that means and nothing more but still.

You must also hold nature scared, as both an extension of the goddess and god and as model of the natural order where the cycles, the ebbs and flows of the universe are observed.

That is pretty much it, not hard but you MUST do them to be a Wiccan.

(I personally would argue for worshiping the goddess and god as equals and inseparably but meh some traditions and all)

Our religion is not a hat one can put on, and we do have some structure to it to which we must adhere.

And if that angers the fluff bunnies so be it, we don’t need them anyway clouding the already unclear (because of the personal freedoms) nature of Wicca.


Sometimes I wonder about other witches and their understanding of the craft, and my own.

I read other people’s spells and rituals and because of my experience and knowledge of associations and such in most cases I can easily see why a spell would work the way the writer intended.

But a lot of times I also see lots of archaic language, rhymes, and a lot of stuff that in a lot of cases (in my opinion) doesn’t need to be there. I mean I understand some people’s need for ritual, f you are not ‘in to it” it just won’t work for you, I get it, but sometimes I see ways of doing things that would seem logically more efficient to do things. And it makes me wonder, I am no genius, I am not the most experienced witch ever, and I am not some craft prodigy that I am aware of. Therefore I can not be the only one to see these things I can not be the only one to wonder. Which brings me to my point, why stick to such ways of doing things?

Tradition doesn’t count as a reason, if someone more experienced then you did something in some way they MUST have had a reason, and if it is not a good reason they why should YOU do it? I know some new witches are afraid to ask questions like that because they do not want to seem disrespectful to their teachers or like fools for not knowing. And that is a shame on their elders and teachers for making them feel that way. If no one asks questions, wants to know why, then nothing will ever change or evolve, and that is NOT a good thing. The craft must change and evolve as we the casters do or this art and science will once again fade and be lost to time.


Still makes me wonder though, is there something to the old ways that I do not see, or is there something to the way I do things that others have not quite caught onto yet?

I guess only time will tell.



I have talked about what (in my opinion) it means to call your path Wicca.

But, have you ever wondered if you could make your own tradition of it?

Gardner basically took what was and made up the rest with stuff that he had learned and it became Wicca, and others have made variations of it or claimed something and made variations of it and it became a tradition.

So why can’t you?

The simple answer is, you CAN.

The fact of it is that an eclectic wiccan basically cobbles together their own path that works for them.

But, if their path works for others, it becomes a tradition.

Thus I urge you to write down ALL of your path, your beliefs, practices, and your way of doing things.

Who knows, your path may be the next Wicca tradtion.



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Random ( to people here) ramblings 1 ( Wicca stuff, don’t like don’t read)

I am an admin on a Wiccan page ( like I would say where) and I often post things there designed to make people think about their faith, path, and life.

I saved them and thought I would post a group of them here for everyone to read.

If you want a small window in to Wicca, or just want something to make you think please do continue, if you ant to ‘save me’ or tell me I am going to hell, please just stop now, believe me I have heard it all before, and not only do I not care what you think, I do not need or want to hear it again, get tiresome. ( Also goes to you coven nazis)



Harm none” is a basic guideline that is used by many.

However even in rede form it is a vague statement. And I believe this is on purpose.

Our religion is one of personal responsibility, not only to ourselves, to others, but to the world and indeed the very universe its self. Thus it is up to everyone of us to decide how far Harm none should be taken.


Doesn’t man you should not eat meat because an animal is killed to give you that meat?

What of plants, should you not eat those because in order for a lot of plant material to be consumed the plant is maim and arguably harmed in some cases?

What of sickness, antibotics kill what viruses, which some consider a form of life should you just stay sick and die so that they can live?

Would you let your self be raped or maimed because fighting back would harm your attacker?

If someone was to start attacking your child, your beloved, would you sit back and let it happen until the cops arrived simply because stopping it might harm the attacker once again?

How about martial arts, you and your sparing partner are harmed sparing, you your self are while learning, should you not do these things because of the harm?


Ultimately there is no real right or wrong answer, it is something only the indivual to deicded, and your choice is between you and your deities.

But it is something to stop and consider if only for a few moments, because when stuff happens is not the time to stop and think about it





The Wiccan rede, I hear about it a lot.
An it shall harm none do as you will.” That is the most common version thrown about.
I also hear it touted about as a sacred Wiccan law that is dogma to us.
I am sure this will not come as news to some of you, but to others it might be interesting to hear.
Here is one version of the full rede.
It might also interest some to know it is NOT dogma, it is not a scared law, it is a POEM.
Now I will admit that it is a good poem, and I will admit that it holds some truths and some very good guide lines in it, but I think that everyone should try to remember, that nine word phrase is not about personal freedom, it is about us Wiccans being held to a higher standard or personal responsibility and judgment then in some other religions.

I sometimes think it would do more Wiccans good to remember that sometimes.





What is a deity?
Not a question that comes up often, and most people never really stop to think about it, but they should.
In the Judeo-Christian religion they believe that God is omnipresent and all powerful father figure so supreme benevolence, and all of the stuff he has to say is found in their religious text. Not a whole lot to think about there, there is no before God, there is no what IS God, there is just him. And it is ingrained pretty well into the followers of that religion.

But this is not the case with pagan, and certainly us Wiccans, our gods and goddess more closely resemble our selves, with good and bad sides and not everything is so easy to find, or easy to know.
But before we draw close to said being, those we would pray to , do rituals with, offer thanks to and ask for help, should we not take a least a little time to try and understand not only WHO they are but WHAT they are? It is one thing to know and understand that Bob’s main color without clothes is black, he has two forward facing eyes, and speaks sign language. It is quite another if I told you that is because Bob is a chimpanzee.

So take a little time and ponder for yourselves and ask your self this.
What are deities?
There are answers out there, but nothing that can be proved, and all of them pretty much matters of faith, that being the case, the only real way to reach an answer is to take some time and think about it for your self, and perhaps ask them, who knows, they meed deem to grant you an answer. 




Today I was thinking about my own life and what stage I am at (Mother, if you are wondering)and it got me thinking about life and death in general.

We Wiccans (myself included) tend to believe that we, like the seasons and all of nature follow a cycle, and ebb and flow if you will.

I am perhaps it is just me, but I take some small measure of comfort in that, that death is really just a new beginning, that I am a soul with a body, not the other way around.

Which is why I often fail to see or understand people’s especially fellow Wiccan’s grief about death.

It seems to me we should celebrate that they completed the final stage of their life and can move on, this is even so if the person is murdered or something if you believe a soul knows what kind of life it will lead before incarnating again. For if one truly believes this then grief is but a selfish thing mourning only your own loss and dimming the passing and ascension of another soul.


Just my own thoughts here, and I do NOT wish to be drawn in to a debate about it. ( just in case someone wanted to do so as this subject often brings out in people)



I think in these times of the internet with the information being shared so easily we as witches must work just as hard to protect our spells.

Do you remember what it was like to be a new witch?
I do, and it was hard I made lots of mistakes, and that was when I had a book to help, but at least I knew the risks.
A random person may not have the discipline to use a spell right, let alone how to make sure to doesn’t do anyone any harm.
And if you let your spell get into the hands of those not ready for it it is the same as giving a toddler a loaded handgun, it might turn out okay, but it probably will not.

We as Wiccans do not actively recruit others int our faith,, but nor should we deny someone information if they ask it. But we do still have the responsibility of our spells, and we should not just hand them out to those would misuse or are not ready for them, doing so would be causing harm intentional or not.

And this is something I think about, and think everyone should take a moment or two to consider as well.

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Thoughts and reflections 10 ( My, and Wiccan morals)

Sometimes I think about morals. I feel that if I do not examine my own ethics and morals from time to time I will not grow as a person or in spirit. Sometimes though I wonder about the morals and ethics of my fellow Wiccans.

I see a great many new people who dive headfirst into things with this idea of nothing but “Love and Light” And fail to observe what nature, what we hold up as an extension and example of the divine cycle.


You see in my view all life is scared, from the ants, which I do not hesitate to exterminate for invading my territory, to the cow killed to make my hamburger, to the idiot bigot who tells me I am going to hell because I believe the way I do. All of these lives are scared, and equal, no more important then the other. But nature is as cruel a place as it is beautiful, baby animals stave if their mother dies to a predator, animals kill one another to eat, to sometimes in terf scuffles, they burn alive trapped in their burrows in natural lightning set forest fires. People do not often want to see these horrible things, but to they do take place and do exist along side their rainbows, starry nights, and cuddly baby kittens and puppies. The nature we revere is as ugly mean and cruel as it is beautiful, and our gods have their bad side along with their good sides, this I think more Wiccans should recognize and take to heart when facing some of life’s trials.


Sadly though, I do not think a lot of people can not handle that sort of thing, and are not mature enough to handle such wisdom properly, especially when first starting out. For it is not despite of these things we should strive to be kind and caring towards one another as humans, but BECAUSE of them. Because of the violence, the ugliness of this world, we as Wiccans, as witches with the power to affect change should strive to be kind not only to others but to the world in general. If one can reach out and touch one life, or one part of the world, and change it for the better you have singlehandedly made the world a better place, no matter how small of a change, and if everyone did the same the world could and would change for the better. It does not prevent tragedy, violence or other things beyond mortal control, but it does less their negative impact in lives and on the wolrd.


It is an idealistic notion I am aware but it is something to strive, a force of good and change in a turbulent sea of chaos and unending change. 

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Thoughts and reflections 9


For as long as humans have been around, and for as much technology as we now posses, I sometimes think that as a species we have not really evolved as a society much further then our tribal ancestors.

Oh sure, we live in cities, nations, and such, but honestly they are just bigger tribal camps and bigger tribes.


And for all of our ‘enlightenment’ we still behave like tribal people.

If your skin is different, if you don’t like the same gender as everyone else, if you do not see yourself as the gender you were born with, or goddess help, you if you do not talk to same tribal deity or come form a different tribe as everyone else. Because if you don’t you are an outsider, scary and a threat to the survival of the tribe, and there must therefore be killed, and eliminated so that your tribe may flourish.


Sounds like rubbish doesn’t it?

But look around you at politics, with wars and crimes and the why of it all, and sometimes it starts to make perfect sense.


And that is kind of a sad thing I think, for all of our technology, or thousands of years of stdy education and religion, we are still the same scared tribal people who huddled in caves, or in other camp dwelling every time it stormed.


I wonder how long we will remain so?

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Thoughts and Reflections 8 (on war)

I have been thinking and reflecting on war.

And, while I do not shy away from death, or being the cause of it (I will totally step on ants and crush spiders if need be as well as eat meat to stave off hunger) I find it a sad state to be in.

Being Wiccan I hold all life to be sacred from the spider that must be crushed to the human who must die, all equal and all as equally scared. And while having to kill anything is sad, in the case of an animal or the like it is not always avoidable and less of a tragedy not because the animal is less valuable than a human, but because animals do not have higher reasoning as we humans do. War is a means to an end, the last resort when all else fails, and to have to come to that point is much more sad than when an animal has to die for it means that humans again have failed to reason and compromise and rise above their petty differences and the only recourse left is to kill the others for a greater good.


I am not going to call soldiers murderers, they are to be valued for their bravery, and pitied for their chosen task. For there is no glory in war and no bravery to be had in it, only death, loss and grief.

And it is sadder still that in many societies, war and killing are glorified and made to seem much better than it is, which is to say a chore that sadly needs doing, on the same level of extermination, only difference the pest in need of extermination is another human and not an animal or insect.


A few thoughts and reflections of mine based on my world views, influenced by my experiences and religion.

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