Skype Lessons

I have made a Skype account for the sole purpose of teaching Witchcraft and maybe some Wicca things on.
The name I choose there is Professor_Lionheart (because it amused me) so if any one is interested add me there.
All I can do for now is text stuff but I may get a camera and mic soon.
I am not signed in there all the time so if you want to set something up live, you will pretty much need to message me to arrange such a thing ahead of time.


About Cat Lionheart

Age: Birthday July 6th 1986 ( do the math yourself if you want to know so badly) Sign: Both Sun and Moon Cancer, Year of the Tiger, Fire trait Blood type: A Eyes: Hazel Hair: Dark Brown Personality: Cold, Calm, Serious Religion: Wiccan Relationship status: Taken or otherwise not available to you, ever.
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