My view on prayer


I regularly see posts from a friend of mine on Facebook asking for people to pray for things occasionally. Now while I am sure they are more or less posted with the expectation that all of her friends are Judeo-Christians, what she has instead is one Wiccan grey witch.

To be sure I do not mind praying for someone, I feel that prayers should have purpose regardless of your religion.

Whether your worship Yahweh or Omikami Amaterasu, if you are to intercede on someone’s behalf, to have the ear of a deity, perhaps you might want to know what you are going to ask for. For prayers are like spells really, unlike a spell where one is guiding the energy and releasing it themselves so they know the outcome ahead of time, with a prayer you are asking a deity to work their will to your benefit. (If you are praying for something.)

This can be a MUCH more powerful then a mere spell, even one more powerful then a coven could mange potentially. I feel that before you activate such a thing it should have purpose behind it, just as one would with a spell. For if you do not know what you want how is a deity supposed to? And even if they could know, why would you want to bother such a scared being without being clear?


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One Response to My view on prayer

  1. I don’t know if I give much credence to the idea of prayers (or spells) having any power, aside from helping firm up the will of the person doing it. The process of praying does help focus the mind, leading to clearer thinking and a better chance of making wise choices. Aside from that, you might as well pray for guidance, as a general, permanent request, to be renewed whenever you feel burned out. That’s really just a self-resolution to do better next time, but it’s good practice. If you pray for “stuff” (a million dollars, a job, a perfect love) instead of planning and taking actions to advance your goals, I think you are unlikely to affect outcomes.

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