Moral code

I look around at people now days and I see something common.

A lot of people who do not follow a religion lack a moral code, I am not saying they lack morals, I am saying they lack a code they can follow that may help guide them.


So I have decided to come up with a set.

Now I am not going to presume to say that this is the best code ever, and that everyone should follow it, I am saying I have thought up a moral code one could adopt if they wanted and that I am putting here in a blog for people to read about.


# 1 Help who you can, how you can, when you can.

# 2 Strive to do no harm.

# 3 Help your self before seeking to help others.

# 4 Seek to create balance, both within and without.


Short and simple.



About Cat Lionheart

Age: Birthday July 6th 1986 ( do the math yourself if you want to know so badly) Sign: Both Sun and Moon Cancer, Year of the Tiger, Fire trait Blood type: A Eyes: Hazel Hair: Dark Brown Personality: Cold, Calm, Serious Religion: Wiccan Relationship status: Taken or otherwise not available to you, ever.
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