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A book I am writing ( Witchcraft stuff don’t like don’t read)

Normally not a good idea ever to post your cap online you are going to try and sell, but in this case there is no harm since even if you did steal it you could not finish it. Suffice to … Continue reading

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Ramblings 3 ( More Wicca stuff, don’t like don’t read)

This will be the last ramblings post. Form now on each topic will appear as its own post, it will be short, but that is okay with me. ——————————————————————————————- Sometimes I wonder about old stories, particularly those of the more … Continue reading

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Moral code

I look around at people now days and I see something common. A lot of people who do not follow a religion lack a moral code, I am not saying they lack morals, I am saying they lack a code … Continue reading

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