Ramblings 2 ( more Wicaa stuff, don’t like don’t read)

Something I think that every Wiccan, particularly if you are a solitary should be aware of is that you are a clergy member, a priest or priestess in our religion.

Now some covens will not allow just anyone to preform certain rites but that is their own thing, that I know little about and don’t care to, my point being that regardless of what anyone says you are a clergy person.

Clergy is just someone who is able to understand their religion, and deal with their religion’s deities and preform religious rites. And I hate to break it to you but ANY time you cast a circle for what ever spell you want to do, you are preforming a religious rite, particularly if you call upon the goddess and god at any time during such. Now this probably doesn’t give you any legal standing, but when it comes to spiritual ones you do indeed have authority, not to be a preachy and judgmental. But to help and guide whether through advice, wisdom, prayer or a spell. This is also part of the responsibility of being a Wiccan, particularly so if you are a witch as well. For as such you are the hand of your deities on the physical plane because it is through you that the most change can and will be affected and through you and your action will they be judged.


Try to be worthy of them.



Sometimes I see witches who seem lost without their books and their lists of associations.

This is sad to see, for magic can not be leaned form books alone, if you do not practice what you read, if you do not learn to be in tune with the world around you and to just let magic flow through you and make up the spell as you go, then you will forever remain bound to those books as helpless as any newbie despite your years or experience and practice. Magic is not removed form nature and the world it is part of it, thus by relying on those books for everything one tends to lose touch with the world around them. You should not need a list to know what stone is associated with what, you should be able to pick up a stone and figure it out yourself eventually, the first witches did not have these lists, they made them by being in touch with the world around them. I am not saying that lists and books are bad, far from it they are a valuable source of information at one’s finger tips, what I AM saying however is do not get so wrapped up in those books that you lose touch with the world around you, for it is form that and not those books that magic flows.




Faith means nothing unless tested. After all if you are not tested how to do you know you have true faith?

If you are served nothing but vegetables all your life, does that make you a veterinarian, or simply one person who has eaten noting but vegetables thus far. For it is the choice that would make you vegetarian when offered meat not simply eating vegetables because you have to.


And it is the same way when it comes to faith.

If you do not have times of stress when it is hard to believe, if you do nto have times that makes yu question, then you are not truly faithful.

Thus, relish the tests, and ask your deities to strengthen your faith, just remember that if the do they will probably send you trials of faith to do so.


I see a lot of times be say that one should ground and draw the energy for spells from the earth, and that you should use elemental energy by drawing it form various sources for one’s spells. And this is all well and good, but let me ask you this, have you ever heard of anyone giving energy BACK to the earth, to the elements? I know I have not heard of it and it makes me wonder, why? I mean yes it is given freely but it one always takes and never gives does that not make one akin to a parasite to a freeloader on the earth or the elements in general? Perhaps it is time to think about this and how one can repay the elements and the earth for the energy they give for our spells. I know I for one do not like the thought of being an energy leech.




“Nothing is true, everything is permitted.”

You hear phrase a great deal with the rise in popularity of the Assassin’s Creed series of video games. What it may shock you to learn that it is an actual saying before that series and is rumored to be the dying words of Hassan-i Sabbah, the actual grandmaster of the REAL assassins. This man was an assassin and a philosopher.

And to me these words carry meaning, not ones granting freedom to do whatever you wish with no consequence, but ones that empower one to do what they must, to be free of restriction, but to be guided on how they are applied with a sens of wisdom, understanding and personal responsibility.

This is an important concept for me as a grey witch and as a Wiccan, for it allows me to do what I must do when I must so long as I accept the consequences of my actions, both magically and mundanely.

With such empowerment comes a burden though, not only of personal responsibility, but of having no one to turn to have the answers for problems and ethical quandaries. It is easy to believe and do as instructed by one that you perceive as wiser then you and have faith in them to know what is right, it is quite another to be alone and have no other then to depends on then your own moral being and instinct. It scares some people, and that is why the cling to rules for guidance even if they know them to not be right sometimes. I do not claim this way of thinking is for everyone, but I do urge everyone reading to stop and take a few moments and consider these words and the weight they bear for themselves.




Something I find somewhat irritating is sometimes people are under the impression that Wicca is a catch all religion. That it can be anything you wan to to be and you can pretty much do as you please.

This is NOT true.

Now I will admit, Wicca grants one a lot of freedom, in the way you do things and what deities you worship and in what way.

But one can not simply declare one’s self Wiccan and this be the case, there ARE a few things that one must do to be Wiccan, and if you do not do them you are NOT Wiccan. A pagan? Probably. A Witch? Certainly. But NOT Wiccan.

These things are you must celebrate or at least observe the sabbats, this could mean merely realizing what day it is and taking a second to consider what that means and nothing more but still.

You must also hold nature scared, as both an extension of the goddess and god and as model of the natural order where the cycles, the ebbs and flows of the universe are observed.

That is pretty much it, not hard but you MUST do them to be a Wiccan.

(I personally would argue for worshiping the goddess and god as equals and inseparably but meh some traditions and all)

Our religion is not a hat one can put on, and we do have some structure to it to which we must adhere.

And if that angers the fluff bunnies so be it, we don’t need them anyway clouding the already unclear (because of the personal freedoms) nature of Wicca.


Sometimes I wonder about other witches and their understanding of the craft, and my own.

I read other people’s spells and rituals and because of my experience and knowledge of associations and such in most cases I can easily see why a spell would work the way the writer intended.

But a lot of times I also see lots of archaic language, rhymes, and a lot of stuff that in a lot of cases (in my opinion) doesn’t need to be there. I mean I understand some people’s need for ritual, f you are not ‘in to it” it just won’t work for you, I get it, but sometimes I see ways of doing things that would seem logically more efficient to do things. And it makes me wonder, I am no genius, I am not the most experienced witch ever, and I am not some craft prodigy that I am aware of. Therefore I can not be the only one to see these things I can not be the only one to wonder. Which brings me to my point, why stick to such ways of doing things?

Tradition doesn’t count as a reason, if someone more experienced then you did something in some way they MUST have had a reason, and if it is not a good reason they why should YOU do it? I know some new witches are afraid to ask questions like that because they do not want to seem disrespectful to their teachers or like fools for not knowing. And that is a shame on their elders and teachers for making them feel that way. If no one asks questions, wants to know why, then nothing will ever change or evolve, and that is NOT a good thing. The craft must change and evolve as we the casters do or this art and science will once again fade and be lost to time.


Still makes me wonder though, is there something to the old ways that I do not see, or is there something to the way I do things that others have not quite caught onto yet?

I guess only time will tell.



I have talked about what (in my opinion) it means to call your path Wicca.

But, have you ever wondered if you could make your own tradition of it?

Gardner basically took what was and made up the rest with stuff that he had learned and it became Wicca, and others have made variations of it or claimed something and made variations of it and it became a tradition.

So why can’t you?

The simple answer is, you CAN.

The fact of it is that an eclectic wiccan basically cobbles together their own path that works for them.

But, if their path works for others, it becomes a tradition.

Thus I urge you to write down ALL of your path, your beliefs, practices, and your way of doing things.

Who knows, your path may be the next Wicca tradtion.




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