Random ( to people here) ramblings 1 ( Wicca stuff, don’t like don’t read)

I am an admin on a Wiccan page ( like I would say where) and I often post things there designed to make people think about their faith, path, and life.

I saved them and thought I would post a group of them here for everyone to read.

If you want a small window in to Wicca, or just want something to make you think please do continue, if you ant to ‘save me’ or tell me I am going to hell, please just stop now, believe me I have heard it all before, and not only do I not care what you think, I do not need or want to hear it again, get tiresome. ( Also goes to you coven nazis)



Harm none” is a basic guideline that is used by many.

However even in rede form it is a vague statement. And I believe this is on purpose.

Our religion is one of personal responsibility, not only to ourselves, to others, but to the world and indeed the very universe its self. Thus it is up to everyone of us to decide how far Harm none should be taken.


Doesn’t man you should not eat meat because an animal is killed to give you that meat?

What of plants, should you not eat those because in order for a lot of plant material to be consumed the plant is maim and arguably harmed in some cases?

What of sickness, antibotics kill what viruses, which some consider a form of life should you just stay sick and die so that they can live?

Would you let your self be raped or maimed because fighting back would harm your attacker?

If someone was to start attacking your child, your beloved, would you sit back and let it happen until the cops arrived simply because stopping it might harm the attacker once again?

How about martial arts, you and your sparing partner are harmed sparing, you your self are while learning, should you not do these things because of the harm?


Ultimately there is no real right or wrong answer, it is something only the indivual to deicded, and your choice is between you and your deities.

But it is something to stop and consider if only for a few moments, because when stuff happens is not the time to stop and think about it





The Wiccan rede, I hear about it a lot.
An it shall harm none do as you will.” That is the most common version thrown about.
I also hear it touted about as a sacred Wiccan law that is dogma to us.
I am sure this will not come as news to some of you, but to others it might be interesting to hear.
Here is one version of the full rede.
It might also interest some to know it is NOT dogma, it is not a scared law, it is a POEM.
Now I will admit that it is a good poem, and I will admit that it holds some truths and some very good guide lines in it, but I think that everyone should try to remember, that nine word phrase is not about personal freedom, it is about us Wiccans being held to a higher standard or personal responsibility and judgment then in some other religions.

I sometimes think it would do more Wiccans good to remember that sometimes.





What is a deity?
Not a question that comes up often, and most people never really stop to think about it, but they should.
In the Judeo-Christian religion they believe that God is omnipresent and all powerful father figure so supreme benevolence, and all of the stuff he has to say is found in their religious text. Not a whole lot to think about there, there is no before God, there is no what IS God, there is just him. And it is ingrained pretty well into the followers of that religion.

But this is not the case with pagan, and certainly us Wiccans, our gods and goddess more closely resemble our selves, with good and bad sides and not everything is so easy to find, or easy to know.
But before we draw close to said being, those we would pray to , do rituals with, offer thanks to and ask for help, should we not take a least a little time to try and understand not only WHO they are but WHAT they are? It is one thing to know and understand that Bob’s main color without clothes is black, he has two forward facing eyes, and speaks sign language. It is quite another if I told you that is because Bob is a chimpanzee.

So take a little time and ponder for yourselves and ask your self this.
What are deities?
There are answers out there, but nothing that can be proved, and all of them pretty much matters of faith, that being the case, the only real way to reach an answer is to take some time and think about it for your self, and perhaps ask them, who knows, they meed deem to grant you an answer. 




Today I was thinking about my own life and what stage I am at (Mother, if you are wondering)and it got me thinking about life and death in general.

We Wiccans (myself included) tend to believe that we, like the seasons and all of nature follow a cycle, and ebb and flow if you will.

I am perhaps it is just me, but I take some small measure of comfort in that, that death is really just a new beginning, that I am a soul with a body, not the other way around.

Which is why I often fail to see or understand people’s especially fellow Wiccan’s grief about death.

It seems to me we should celebrate that they completed the final stage of their life and can move on, this is even so if the person is murdered or something if you believe a soul knows what kind of life it will lead before incarnating again. For if one truly believes this then grief is but a selfish thing mourning only your own loss and dimming the passing and ascension of another soul.


Just my own thoughts here, and I do NOT wish to be drawn in to a debate about it. ( just in case someone wanted to do so as this subject often brings out in people)



I think in these times of the internet with the information being shared so easily we as witches must work just as hard to protect our spells.

Do you remember what it was like to be a new witch?
I do, and it was hard I made lots of mistakes, and that was when I had a book to help, but at least I knew the risks.
A random person may not have the discipline to use a spell right, let alone how to make sure to doesn’t do anyone any harm.
And if you let your spell get into the hands of those not ready for it it is the same as giving a toddler a loaded handgun, it might turn out okay, but it probably will not.

We as Wiccans do not actively recruit others int our faith,, but nor should we deny someone information if they ask it. But we do still have the responsibility of our spells, and we should not just hand them out to those would misuse or are not ready for them, doing so would be causing harm intentional or not.

And this is something I think about, and think everyone should take a moment or two to consider as well.


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