Thoughts and Reflections 7 ( on Santa)

I always wonder around this time of year why parents and society at large pretty much keep lying to children with myth that Santa is physically real. Fact is he USED to be real but died. Seriously Saint Nicholas is dead.    So why do people keep Santa living and lie to their kids and end up with a disappointed child when they find out he isn’t real when it would be MUCH simpler and probably better to have this explanation of Santa that I cam up with in place.

Santa is real, but is not a physical person, he is more of an ideal or spirit of Christmas. This idea being that of giving for the sake of bringing happiness to others, selfness and charity. In this capacity Santa is VERY real and anyone who gives in this manner becomes Santa and gives life and form to this spirit.

As a child ages, instead of finding out that Santa is not real a child could instead aspire to these values and in fact grow up to become Santa themselves. To me it would seem to eliminate the lying and disappoint a child is destined to face when they find out Santa is not a real physical person.

I never did arrive an a good logical answer ( to me) one why people still do it the way they do, perhaps I never will.


About Cat Lionheart

Age: Birthday July 6th 1986 ( do the math yourself if you want to know so badly) Sign: Both Sun and Moon Cancer, Year of the Tiger, Fire trait Blood type: A Eyes: Hazel Hair: Dark Brown Personality: Cold, Calm, Serious Religion: Wiccan Relationship status: Taken or otherwise not available to you, ever.
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