Thoughts and reflections( 3) Adventure

A childhood experience I would like to share with my beloved, and perhaps some of my friends is adventure.
When you are a child it is easy to find, when you become an adult not so much as there is not much in this world left questing for.

But when I was younger I lived in the country with my grandmother, and my great grandmother lived next to us. There was forests, and woods, and a large field that was used or farming. Now the area was one where ancient Native Americans made their home. This area had already been picked clean by one of the leading universities of my state, or so I was told, but truth be told about that it was not completely clean. If you looked in the right places, and there had been a heavy rain, and the field had just been plowed, or you were just plain lucky you could find actual arrow heads, stone axe heads ( Tomahawks maybe?) and pieces of pottery. Now this stuff was probably of little archeological use nor was it of any monetary use ( like I would have given up a trophy anyway) but, to a kid, to me it represented something worth questing for a clear goal that I could strive and look for. Picture this, you set off, with a sling, a few stones for it, a swiss army knife, a metal replica ninja-to sword ( might as well have been real to me) and a map and a little food and water. You set off at about 9 am, takes you half the ay to even reach the spots with looking for and maybe if you are lucky you might find something, but more importantly if you did you had succeeded in doing something, braving the perils, on your own, BY YOUR SELF a REAL adventure!  Now what perils were there? In reality looking back not many, I mean besides the danger of a rattle snake or maybe copper head snake or a rabid coyote, but the ear had been know to have in it bears, probably black bears but when you are a kid you picture, in America anyway, a grizzly bear, and there were mountain lions, we called them cougars, and reportedly ( almost mythical status in my mind) panthers.
I did this sort of thing regularly in my youth I even  found a few bits of pottery and a whole in tact arrow head. But as I look back now, I see other people like my beloved and even some teens and the closest thing they ever get to real adventure is either in an RPG or going to the store if you live in a city, and I think I was lucky, and I wish I could share such a great experience with a few people, it might make a difference in their lives and given them a taste of what real adventure could be like. How to strive for something greater and what it feels like to succeed or fail at it.
I think that would be wonderful a thing to be able to do for some people.


About Cat Lionheart

Age: Birthday July 6th 1986 ( do the math yourself if you want to know so badly) Sign: Both Sun and Moon Cancer, Year of the Tiger, Fire trait Blood type: A Eyes: Hazel Hair: Dark Brown Personality: Cold, Calm, Serious Religion: Wiccan Relationship status: Taken or otherwise not available to you, ever.
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