50 facts about me ( that revel as litte as possible about me)

Another one of my old blogs, taken from a trend that went around that site a the time.


1. I don’t like people.
2. I like making lists.
3. I value Sky’s life above that of anyone else’s and more then any number of people.
4. I am a Wiccan witch.
5. I am novice Alchemist.
6. I have an above average IQ.
7. I am a writer.
8. I suck at spelling.
9. I do not work well with others typically.
10. I like video games.
11. I like anime.
12. I like manga.
13. I like to read.
14. I am male.
15. I am often mistaken for a female online.
16. My favorite videogame character is Etna.
17. The closet thing I had to a childhood hero is Ayame from Tenchu.
18. I am diabetic.
19. I technically have ADD.
20. Knives and daggers are my favorite weapon types. ( I will work with swords too)
21. Sniper rifles tend to be my second favorite type of weapon.
22. I REALLY like stealth.
23. My mood is easily affected by Sky’s mood.
24. I am bluntly honest 90% of the time.
25. I am a good liar.
26. My ultimate career goal is to write a book that becomes a manga and or anime.
27. I attract more female friends then male.
28. I do not like being hot.
29. My favorite book series is the Night Angel trilogy by Brent Weeks.
30. My favorite video game is Final Fantasy 8.
31. My favorite song is Eyes on Me by Faye Wong.
32. I read both Yaoi/Shonen-Ai and Yuri/Shojo-Ai.
33. I like to play Chess.
34. I like to play Go.
35. My favorite princess to save is Zelda.
36. My favorite anime is Witch Hunter Robin
37. My favorite manga is Aisheteruze Baby.
38. I am a night person
39. I used to be a cutter.
40. I was diagnosed with depression and took paxel for 2 years before I was ‘cured’ of it.
41. I play Dungeons and Dragons.
42. I started my writing career writing poems.
43.  My favorite type of video games are RPGs.
44. I get lost VERY easily.
45. I hate being lost.
46. I like tropical shirts and wear them often, even in the winter.
47. I am a cat person.
48. When given the choice between male and female characters and avatars I Often choose the female ones.
49. My favorite pokemon type is water.
50. I once caught a wild mouse with my bare hands.


About Cat Lionheart

Age: Birthday July 6th 1986 ( do the math yourself if you want to know so badly) Sign: Both Sun and Moon Cancer, Year of the Tiger, Fire trait Blood type: A Eyes: Hazel Hair: Dark Brown Personality: Cold, Calm, Serious Religion: Wiccan Relationship status: Taken or otherwise not available to you, ever.
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2 Responses to 50 facts about me ( that revel as litte as possible about me)

  1. Oh my goodness, we have a LOT in common!
    Especially you read yaoi and yuri, you’re like the other piece of my friend pie. lolol! Hi there! 😀

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