A “how we met” story told by a writer.

This is the story of how my beloved ( Sky) and I met. And is one of the blog posts I am transferring over from that other site. If you don’t like long complicated stories that have no relevance to yourself then move along, these are not the droids you are looking for.

I First met my beloved on MyAnimeList.net (MAL), we met and talked, she lied about her age, I believed her ( She said she was 32, if I remember right) I liked her immediately and I think she felt the same. ( don’t get ahead of me here this is not going to go as you might think.)  I had the fortune to have a net family, which is to say a family that is online. I was brother to about 13 different sisters, and I had a little girl of my own.( I have no idea why females find me so easy to get along with, tis odd really) At the time she was my older sister. We spoke regularly for but a little bit then she disappeared. For about two months, if I remember right.. I emailed her as I knew she was suicidaly depressed, nothing I had hoped her boyfriend would have been enough to keep her going. Then after nothing she emailed me back, turns out she had been in therapy and her therapist said that it would help her to come clean with everyone, she told me the truth, she was only 17, and a few other things, she was worried I would hate her for giving me the wrong age or something, not even, I told her I didn’t care about stuff like that I cared about her. She was relived and I changed our banner from elder sister to little sister. We then talked regularly for a while, and she eventually broke up with her boyfriend, dumb ass couldn’t handle a long distance relationship and some other issues. And I was there for her.

I think it was there that she began to see me as something more then a big brother. I on the other hand did not, as I was already in a relationship with another girl, from California and I had no intention of cheating or even thinking of anyone else. I told her I accepted her feeling and acknowledged them but I could not return them as I was already in love with someone.  But I stilled loved her like a sister if she stilled wanted to continue that relationship. She did.  She began to see someone else but I think she was not serious about it as it never went anywhere with it, and she confided in me that she felt guilty numerous times because she wished my relationship with my current love would fail she I could be hers but at the same time felt guilty for wishing it so, and would have felt even more so if it had happened. I simply told her that feeling that way was natural and human that he has nothing to be shamed of because she had done nothing wrong. Looking back, I think she may have tried a few times to seduce me a little, but I never went for it, even though there was plenty of opportunity to have easily have gotten away with it. ( am sure some people by now have stopped reading haha, oh well. And I bet others are thinking that I should have since no one would have known about it. I would have known and that would have been enough.)

So we continued that way for a while. My relationship with my current love stared to fall apart, I began to wonder if she wanted the same thing from our relationship that I did eh fact of the matter was the girl I was in love with was pretty young, 16 actually, I didn’t care I was willing to wait for her for how ever long it would take for her to finish school and what ever else she wanted to do, because I wanted to spend my life with her. What is a few decades right? But it turned out she didn’t want that kind of relationship she thought and couldn’t really decide what she wanted when it came to us and so left what became of us to me. So here is where I was at, I could wait for a girl who didn’t’ know what she wanted but I loved I knew in some sort of way, and then there was my current beloved, who knew what she wanted, which was the same thing I wanted, a loving stable relationship leading to marriage of whom I knew I loved at least in some form.

So I didn’t know what to do, so I asked the goddess and god what to do and I mediated on the answer for a long while. And I received my answer, in the form of a moment of crystal clarity. The answer was so simple. One girl wanted to love and be loved but didn’t as far as she knew want anything else, and the other wanted a relationship on a more adult level. Well I went to my girl at the time and told her what I thought, which was that while I loved her and always would and even though she felt the same, that the love she felt was more akin to that of a sister then of a couple, she was surprised a little and agreed I was right.
My beloved knew none of this and had only heard that I had broke up with my beloved at the time. Me, I want shopping for a ring, I knew what I wanted which was t spend the rest of my life with my currant beloved it was pretty clear to me, and I was VERY certain she would say yes to me if I proposed. Well I found the ring, one that a lot of people would look over but was perfect for anyone versed in gem and metal magic, a sliver ring with a moon stone on it. It was too late to call my beloved ( we had begun talking on the phone regularly) so I left a message for her in a spot I knew she would see it ( in a private club for only family members) saying that we had to talk I though it would go great, she would get home form school and I would surprise her on the phone.  Well her and her friends who where well versed in the situation had guessed what was about to happen. ( I should have done a better job in secrecy it would seem and worded things more vaguely)  So she got home and waited for me to call, and I asked her to marry me, and I bought the ring and shipped it to her and we were engaged. But that is only half the story.

The fact of the matter was two things, one we were separated by like 3 or four stases depending on which road you travel, and two she was 17, legal in my state not in hers. And despite the fact she wanted to come and be with me as soon as she could she had to finish graduate school first AND wait until she turned 18. Which was still about 9 months away. So while she studied hard and we talked everyday on the phone or on the computer I got ready and moved and got things ready for her here, got her OTC medicine, some favorite foods of her, some pads of hers that she used, anything and everything she would need. Everything cam together well because I steamrolled EVERYTHING and EVERYONE that got in the way of this, then her birthday came and I could not come to get her on the next day like I had planed, but I got one of my buddies Ice to take me the day after that to go and get her. Her mother wanted her not to go, as did some others but they were all silenced. The fact of the matter is at 18 she could say “Fuck you I am gone.” to everyone and leave, I made sure she had all of her medical documents with her including her birth certificate so that if the cops were called all they could do was detain us temporally. Luckily it did not come to that, after driving all night with Ice we had her out of there before anyone knew what was up. Which is good because I suspect her mother had intended to make a scene, and since I NEVER liked ANY of her family I was not going to put up with it. She came out and we met for the first time in person, It was wonderful, and we moved her into the place I had prepared for us and have been ever since.


About Cat Lionheart

Age: Birthday July 6th 1986 ( do the math yourself if you want to know so badly) Sign: Both Sun and Moon Cancer, Year of the Tiger, Fire trait Blood type: A Eyes: Hazel Hair: Dark Brown Personality: Cold, Calm, Serious Religion: Wiccan Relationship status: Taken or otherwise not available to you, ever.
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