Life Lessons that I have learned and would pass on to those who might listen.

Before I go any further with this I would like to point out these truths are relative.
If they do not apply to you, that doesn’t make them not truths, or wrong, it just means they are not relative to you.
These things are things I have come to learn in my life, and I do not care what anyone thinks about it and them.

What follows are lessons in my life that I have learned and would like to pass on to people. Pretty much all of them are unpleasant, even depressing, if you are not ready for such stuff, don’t read any further.

You were warned.

1. On family

Lots of people have mothers and fathers, and siblings, and most have at least pretty good relationships with them. But in reality, the fact you happen to have a relationship with them is not because you are family. A family member is someone whom you happen to share a percentage of your DNA with, NOTHING more. Any relationships, or anything else is built later and is a matter of choice. And like it or not part of the reasons you may either love or hate your family may be because they are similar to you in some ways, in the same way people may be friends or bitter enemies with random people for the same reasons.

2. You are not special or unique

Parents love to toss that around their kids it seems. That they are special and unique, and if one listens to such stuff that would make everyone in the world special and unique. Well if everyone were special and unique then NO ONE would be special and unique would they? The fact is, hardly anyone is special or unique, in fact most are just another cog in the machine, no different than any other when it comes down to it. And their life and being hold no real special impact in the world at all outside of their small sphere of influence. If you died tomorrow besides the people who might or might not mourn you; there would be no impact in the world, AT ALL. This makes you like an ant, outside the colony the death of any one ant is not felt, and even what little impact it is is so small that it is not felt long.
This does not mitigate the value of your life, it should merely put it into perspective for you. If you do not like it, make your self special, if you are lucky enough to be born with it try not to squander it.

3. You CAN’T be anything you want to be.

This is another that gets tossed around a lot by both parents and some lower grade teachers.
You are limited in what you can do from the time you drew your first breath, based on intelligence, strength, dexterity, family connections. (and a few others for that matter) Now while it is possible to beat such limitations, it is not likely. For instance if you are a 5 foot, skinny guy who bleeds easy and is not very durable, the odds of you become a champion boxer are VERY slim, also a basketball star for that matter. If you are not very smart, and do not come from a rich family and do not go to a top college, you are not very likely to be president. It is POSSIBLE, but not provable. Best some people learn that.

4. There is no reason for you to live

There is no reason for you to live beyond what you make for your self. NONE. If you can not find a reasons for your self to live and NEED one, go ahead and kill yourself. If you can not find a reason with in yourself no one will give you a very good one. And while I am on this, you do not even need a reason to live, you can live just fine for no reason at all. The fly and the ant do not question why they are here, and you do not need to either.

5. Killing one’s self is not the worst thing ever.

The fact of the matter is, if you are to stupid, weak, an asshole or whatever reason you have decided you might want to kill your self, it may be a GOOD thing. Life is a competition, and breeding is supposed to weed out the weak and unfit. Now a days this doesn’t happen, society is soft, the stupid and weak are coddled, their genes given an equal chance to flourish. Well certain combinations are not good, and are not needed, and if one is so failed that they feel the need to remove them selves from the earth, and will not seek help for it, well then by killing your self you do the world and the human race a favor.

6. Trust and love

Trust and love are both the greatest strength and weakness people have in them. They inspire some of the most courageous selfless acts, and those of the most horrible and vicious. And trust and love do not come without risk, in order to love you must make your self vulnerable to pain and heart break, and in order to trust you must make your self weak to being betrayed.

7. You are alone in the world

The fact of the matter is no matter what one day you will be by your self in something and there will be no one to help you. Even the person you love most in the world will some days let you down in something or other. It IS going to happen, know this and be ready for it.

8. You do not have to be good to do good things

You do not have to be good to do good things. You do not not have to care to show kindness. In fact sometimes you can help people better if you do not give a damn about them because you can approach stuff with a calm and rational head without any emotional biased in the situation. If you simply recognize that is something is good or right even if you do not care to do it or the person involved and you do it it is still the right thing to do, and weather or not you cared or by in large are a good person you have still done good.

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Skype Lessons

I have made a Skype account for the sole purpose of teaching Witchcraft and maybe some Wicca things on.
The name I choose there is Professor_Lionheart (because it amused me) so if any one is interested add me there.
All I can do for now is text stuff but I may get a camera and mic soon.
I am not signed in there all the time so if you want to set something up live, you will pretty much need to message me to arrange such a thing ahead of time.

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My view on prayer


I regularly see posts from a friend of mine on Facebook asking for people to pray for things occasionally. Now while I am sure they are more or less posted with the expectation that all of her friends are Judeo-Christians, what she has instead is one Wiccan grey witch.

To be sure I do not mind praying for someone, I feel that prayers should have purpose regardless of your religion.

Whether your worship Yahweh or Omikami Amaterasu, if you are to intercede on someone’s behalf, to have the ear of a deity, perhaps you might want to know what you are going to ask for. For prayers are like spells really, unlike a spell where one is guiding the energy and releasing it themselves so they know the outcome ahead of time, with a prayer you are asking a deity to work their will to your benefit. (If you are praying for something.)

This can be a MUCH more powerful then a mere spell, even one more powerful then a coven could mange potentially. I feel that before you activate such a thing it should have purpose behind it, just as one would with a spell. For if you do not know what you want how is a deity supposed to? And even if they could know, why would you want to bother such a scared being without being clear?

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Curses ( Witchcraft stuff don’t like don’t read)

Honestly as a witch willing to use magic to help people, one of the most common things I encounter is people who want curses lifted from them. How people have come to believe they have been cursed I will never know, though I COULD wager some guesses. As a witch I know that few people are actually skilled enough to weave together a good curse and have the energy to sustain it for any lengthen of time if they were not smart enough to make it ‘feed’ off its victim, thus real curses are rare.

But try telling that to someone sometime.

If one person tells them they are cursed and then they suffer bad luck and failures, and you tell them they are not cursed, who will they believe because want to believe those failures are not their fault or the result of random or karmic bad luck?

Well I will tell you, 98% will continue to believe they are cursed.

But just because they believe it does not make it so; now I do to know about everyone else, but I believe that sometimes to help people you have to get your hands dirty sometimes.

In this case you are going either going to lie and waste your energy, or just plain waste your energy. Because what I tend to do is cleanse them anyway. How may people do you know who make a habit of getting cleansed? I am betting not many so no harm done there. But when you explain to them that this will break their curse (or say that you do not think them cursed but just in case lets do this) and do it, it lets them rest easy. Because they now believe that their ‘curse’ is not gone, which means a restoration of their confidence and I bet their luck will pick back up or at least seem so to them. And in the end if all you have done is expend your energy to make someone feel better is not that helping them?

And when you try to serve your deities or the public with magic, perhaps that is enough.


So I urge every witch reading this, you know they are not cursed, but do the cleansing anyway if you can, that with in its self will hep the person.

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Thoughts and reflection 11

I like to observe people, if you do long enough patterns start to emerge.

One pattern I have began to notice is that people WANT to be ruled over.

More specifically they want to be taken care of as an adult, as they were as a child.

Everyone fundamentally wants freedom, they want to do what they want when they want, how they want. This is because people are selfish, everyone is no matter how they act, if humans were not we would not have lived as a species for begin selfish encourages us to take care of ourselves, is is ultimately survival. But at the same time, we do not really wan to have any responsibility or have to think.

Now I will admit that there are some that do like both, but I hate to break it to you, but you are in the minority of the population. People in general are easily distracted, deceived and misdirected, not because they are truly stupid, but because they WANT to be, if a government, or king, can take care of one, they are likely to believe them unless they are seen affecting them negatively personally, such as unfair taxes or taking away the ability to do stuff they want to do.


It is a sad fact I admit, but it is a pattern I have seen time and time again. Look for it your self, in mob believe, and in corrupt rulers easily sliming their way out of things even when confronted with facts.


If you are one of the few who think, and wants to be truly responsible for their own fate, I urge you, watch carefully the events around you, and remember that you are I the minority, but to do what you can to not let your elf be culled into blind obedience; for there may well come a time when you are needed.

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My dual Lilith theory ( likely to confuse or anger some, pagan or not)

I write this on Lilith so that there is some other information out there somewhere on her other then what is typically found, which more often then not in my opinion is wrong. (Mind you all of this is my opinion, I do not present myself as knowing all or knowing all the facts, if you find what I have to say true or not that is up to you.)


First off, to understand things one must understand what a deity is. A deity is a thought form with the express purpose of connecting to the divine, nothing more. They can wield influence in your life and one can develop a relationship with them, but they are thought forms none the less, ones of great influence and power. And anyone can create a thought form, even on accident, and that means, anyone can create a deity if they know what they are doing. But do not let that go to your head, you are not a creator of gods and you hold no power over them what so ever, it just means you can facilitate one’s creation by giving form and purpose, nothing more.


People tend to think she is a demoness, a succubus queen, a powerful demon or entity that was demonized. Some others say that she was and is a goddess that is LIKE the demoness and was made so because of being in a male dominated world both of these refer to the same thought form. If you go by what came first she was a mother goddess to a civilization of people. Meaning if true she is a goddess NOT a demoness in any capacity. However, and here it gets interesting, a second Lilith. If you believe what I have said what a deity is, then is it not hard to fathom that a thought form could spring to life form belief in it, thus, if you believe the succubus (or the demonized feministic style goddess) Lilith was real maybe if enough believe that for long enough, she becomes real. That then leaves one with TWO Liliths, not just one.


Now I will admit that even though she is my chosen goddess that I still know little about her with any certainty, it is not like she is easy to search up for anything credible, seriously, try it sometime search for something on her that doesn’t refer to the feministic goddess or the succubus version of her sometime. You won’t turn up too much I suspect.


But I think that there are now two Liliths, now I will not say one of more valid then the other, I prefer the mother goddess because she seems to suit me better and because I think since she came first she is more valid to me. But I urge EVERYONE reading this, do not believe that Lilith is just a demonness, a succubus queen, or even just a feministic goddess, there is more to her out there, somewhere. And this blog post is just the very tip of that iceberg.


But more than this I urge everyone not to just believe people in what they say about her, I do not care if they are experts, witches, or whatever else they tell you, I urge you to search for the facts your self, think, and come to your own conclusions about her.


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A book I am writing ( Witchcraft stuff don’t like don’t read)

Normally not a good idea ever to post your cap online you are going to try and sell, but in this case there is no harm since even if you did steal it you could not finish it.

Suffice to say there will be a lot more in the finished product of the first chapter.


The book will be called Cat’s Guide to being a Witch and Witchcraft.


Chapter 1






So you want to be a witch, to use witchcraft, cast spells and do magic? Well that fine, that’s what this guide is for, this book will teach you witchcraft and how to be a witch without all that nasty religious Wicca stuff getting in the way. Do not get me wrong, I am a Wiccan witch myself, but I learned my stuff on my own through trial and error pretty much, and I never limited myself in my studies to only Wiccan stuff. And it is that style I will present to you. If you want to learn Wiccan ritualistic magic put the book down, this is not the droid you are looking for, If you want to learn magic, simple effective magic then continue reading, because that is what I shall teach you.


Okay first thing I am going to break you of if you have it is your expectations of magic. There are no poofs, no flashes (unless you add something to a fire) and no zaps, sparkles or anything else for that matter. If you are lucky perhaps nature might grace you with a gust of wind, but don’t count on it. Mostly when you finish a spell you feel nothing, nothing happens, and the world around you remains unchanged; and yet, it does not. When a spell is done you have released forces (energies to be precious) that will then work towards your ends in the ways you have guided them to, or in ways you did not say they could not take. And then, things happen, often things that you wanted to come about, things that seem like coincidences, and they may well could be, but, perhaps they are not, and in time you will see just too many coincidences stack up to be ignored and you will know then that your spells work, and that magic is real.


Now, what is a spell? Well to be a spell an action that you take must fulfill three things.

1. You must build up, or gather energy.

2. You must direct that energy towards a goal. (And most often prohibit it from reaching it in certain ways.)

3. Release said energy to do as you have willed it to do.

Simple huh? Well if it was you would not need this book. But if you thank you can do it n your own go ahead, do try, after all my words are not going anywhere. Just be warned that the best thing that can happen when a spell goes wrong is that it does not work. Still with me? Good. Because a witch must have restraint, confidence without arrogance, and a willingness to accept they do not know everything and must learn what they do not know, even though there is no way to learn it all, ever. If you want off for a few months and just came back, don’t feel bad, some people need to touch fire before they learn it is hot, you seem to be one of these people.



Okay, first thing we are going to work on since you now know what a spell is, is ethics. If you are going to be a witch, you need some, period, no question of that. This is a non religious book, so you will have to find your own ethics and a system of them, but if you are a little lazy about it try this one. “Balance in all works.” Basically it means that you do not have to strive to do only ‘good’ spells as the Wiccans might (probably would) have you believe, but you should strive for balance, do not go around cursing some poor fool who doesn’t deserve it in your opinion, and be ready to pay for your actions in every spell you do. It is fine to protect yourself and those you love by whatever means you choose, but perhaps you should spare the poor misguided fool who chooses his or her words poorly with you. Uncle Ben once said “With great power comes great responsibility.” And those words are true, and guess what? By choosing to become a witch you just signed up for both. That is why this a guide on how to become a witch not just how to use magic.




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